Stress – a tough adversary

Hand trembling, sweating, nervousness, and a sense of discomfort, bad mood – who does not know the symptoms of one of the greatest pests of modern civilisation? And who does not want to know how to fight it? Fight or run away! Nowadays, stress has penetrated into every aspect of life – from school to […]

10 tricks to improve concentration

We need the ability to concentrate in every moment of our lives – we need to focus on work, driving a car, preparing dinner, and even watching a film on TV. Concentration – like any other human ability – can, however, be temporarily reduced, as a result of various factors. Fortunately, there are ways to […]

Easy ways to improve memory

Although we do not attach much weight to it on a daily basis, it is difficult to imagine everyday life without a well-functioning memory. It not only allows you to learn new things, but also to perform normal, everyday activities. However, it is worth being aware that just as there are factors that can negatively […]

Diet for the brain

It has been known for a long time that the things we eat have a huge impact on the functioning of our body. This also applies to brain function – there is really a large group of products, the consumption of which can have a positive impact on the intellectual abilities, concentration and focus, or […]

Are there natural preparations that can help in the learning process?

According to a well-known saying, ‘you live and learn’ – and it is quite hard to disagree with this. After completing a stage of school or university education, we do not stop absorbing new information, acquiring new skills, learning languages needed for professional work, using computer programs, etc. Unfortunately, the modern world and various negative […]